Donating To Diversity Causes

If you’re looking to make a difference in diversity and education but you’re too busy in your day to day life, a small donation to an organization that promotes diversity is a great way to go.  I suggest that you first thoroughly think about WHAT specifically you want to support – is it racial diversity?  Human rights issues?  Education and scholarships?

Starting a scholarship – one great way if you are looking to promote education AND racial diversity is to start a scholarship for a local University.  Even a small scholarship is a huge help to students.  You are allowed to set your own criteria, whether it be racial or location based.  Check out this WSJ article on creating your own college scholarship.

Another thing would be to donate to something like the Human Rights Campaign.  This organization promotes human rights in all categories, but is mostly known for their work in lgbt rights and equality.

You could also donate to a library in a poor part of town.

Donating online is a very easy way to go as well.  We suggest that you ensure that the site or organization you’re donating to is legitimate and also has the proper security measures in place for their online payment systems.  You should also ensure that your computer is set up with the latest spyware protection in order to ensure the safety of your transactions.

No matter what you decide, donating a bit of your money is a great way to not only promote the human race, but it will also make you feel good about yourself.