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Knowing What Goes On The Cloud

The cloud is an amazing development in modern computing.  With fast internet speeds individuals and companies are able to store and access files from anywhere they have an internet connection.  This leads to faster and better collaboration and less lost files due to hard drive crashes, lost computers, and other disasters.  But this great power can also open up new risks, especially when it comes to security.  Before the internet it would be very hard to access files on a computer.  But as the internet grew and files became shared more commonly and all computers had access to the internet, viruses and malware grew exponentially.

With the cloud, these risks become even greater depending on the type of security that you have set up.  According to Krebs On Security there are many large corporations that still put files up on Amazon Web Server (AWS) without any security protection, and they are there for anyone to see and access.  Sometimes cyber criminals will hijack this information and contact the company, letting them know they have seized the sensitive information and that they will release it for a ransom.  This extortion is very common nowadays.

For this reason it’s extremely important to ensure that your employees and technicians are aware of the proper security protocol when it comes to putting documents and sensitive data on the cloud.  You can’t just assume that “nobody is looking” at it.   These cyber criminals are very cunning and scan the internet for files left out in the open.

It’s important to ensure that you’re following AWS best practices when using the cloud for storage.  Ensure that these files have proper security protocol.  Access control, monitoring, and logging are all very important corporation level security considerations to think about.  This is where hiring an IT Company can come into play.

Ensuring that employee computers also have appropriate security software and anti malware tools in place is also very important, as is educating employees on security best practices such as not downloading random software or attachments, and if that is needed then opening those items in a sandbox first so that the network or computer is not put at risk.

Although the cloud can be a great tool for backups and restorations in case of disaster, it’s also important not to rely on them as the sole source of computer backups.  Ensuring that you have a proper backup protocol in place is very important.

It’s possible to repair broken systems that have been attacked by a virus by running things such as Reimage repair, a utility software tool, but these tools will not put those files back if they are damaged by a virus.

Reimage is a high quality tool however it will not replace a proper antivirus software setup.  I highly recommend that you ensure that you have multiple layers of protection in place in order to really ensure that your computers are backed up and secure.  You don’t want to be on the wrong end of a data theft or extortion scheme.